The Rebel is the individual, the concrete man who acts in the concrete case. To know what is right, he does not need theories or laws devised by some party jurist. The Rebel draws on the sources of morality not yet dispersed in the channels of institutions. Here, as long as some purity survives in it, everything becomes simple.

Ernst Jünger

Cesare Brizio (aka The Bailiff)

Born in 1959, a Petronian by birth and heart (although he lived mainly in the municipalities of the province, as well as on the wrong side of the Reno River – where he is still available), has always been driven by a heroicomic inspiration that in the past has led him to found the Jamaican National Socialist Party, then to promote subversive initiatives such as the “Variations on a Popular Theme” project. Cesare (aka His Excellency the Bailiff) makes up for the paucity of his physical resources with an iron will and with a knowledge of himself that allows him to work to the limit of his modest physiological envelope.

Cultural agitator, cyclist superfine, communicator extraordinaire (to be read /ɪkˌstrɔːdɪˈnɛː/) and missed teenage popstar (due to the well-known Ben Gurion affair, when the unstoppable climb to the world charts of his irresistible melodies was brutally cut short by a Masonic-Pluto-Jewish conspiracy – whose plots remain, to this day, still unclear), Cesare is the not-so-gray eminence guarding the founding values of Hoplokyklodromìa. As a recognized Spiritual Leader, he was officially ordained a Minister of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

First creator, then the sole inspirer of the initiative, his entire existence was conducted along the broad paths of mythomania, self-irony and exaggeration: all characteristics of Hoplokyklodromìa.

Christian Scazzieri

Class 1974. From Bologna.

After an abundant three decades and a half spent jumping from one thing to another, since five-years-five he has voted its existence to the quest for the perfect a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Bolognese cutlet.

For everything else, humbly, he tries.