Friendly behavior is suggested, but not mandatory. Those who decide to come to terms with their hoplite colleagues shall pay the military, civil, criminal consequences – pleasant or unpleasant they may be. For example, whoever kills another participant can feel a great satisfaction in this act, but then he is guilty of murder. In the example, if he manages to get to the finish line before being arrested, he will be included in the ranking.

These words, excerpted from the original document printed on the occasion of the first, historical edition of Hoplokyklodromìa, echo the ancestral Ideal animating, from its depths, the whole event.

An Ideal that His Excellency The Bailiff develops fully in the epochal audio contribution (in Italian language) available below; an ideal that echoes, in size and breath, the lunar exploration, not surprisingly the frame of the exciting words of the Initiator: we strongly recommend a complete listening, and we anticipate the translation of a salient extract below.

«… and yet, in the acceleration towards nowhere, there were moments when our condition was not entirely contemptible, a golden age in which a vestige of ancient perfection strengthened the experience of existence: but unfortunately the distance that separates us from an Abradatas, from a Machaon, from an Ajax is the same that separates these Heroes from the garden of Ediacara. And it is however unbridgeable.

Only strong thinking can mitigate the sense of uselessness of our negligible existences. And the strong thought forges the re-enactment as the only possible source of meaning in the experience of the modern world, as shown by pathetic re-enactments, the nostalgia of twenty years ago, the “when I was a boy…”.

But these are nostalgias of no account: why should one aspire to go back just a few years, to a degradation just slightly less accentuated than today’s, when one can instead actually take a jump back two thousand years or more?

Some Great Thinkers have understood it since some time: over thirty years ago my brother Simone, to whom I bow, distilled this line of thought into a new ideality: “The vanguards of the new primitive world”, a concept that has insensibly permeated many of the so called New Age theories.

It was on this basis that I began to build the still modest, but already safe haven, of the Coprophagic faith, a faith that precedes the times and that in this era is not accompanied by practice.»

For further and more detailed information on the event denominated Cronanguilla, see the specific section on the personal website of His Excellency the Baliff.