San Pietro in Casale – Bologna
1° ottobre 2016

The poster of the 2016 edition.

The first edition necessitated a number of logistical compromises, aimed at guaranteeing easy access to, and the safety of, the competition ground, preserving the possibility to carry out the event without requiring any official permission from the municipalities in the area involved: this required direct negotiations with the owners of the private roads crossed by the event, in particular for the organization of the transition zone.

To guarantee the refreshment of the participants, the Ristorante Laguna Verde, was chosen as a base camp, with the generous availability of its owners to host the preliminary and final stages of the sporting event.

It was also desired to give the event a marked sense of continuity with the Cronanguilla, a previous event that many Hoplites participated, by implementing the path with a long, perfectly straight stretch, choosing a virtually flat path, and approximating its length to that of 2014 edition of Cronanguilla.

The first podium was climbed respectively by representatives of Kiribati, Cesare Brizio – third to the transition but able to get off the chasers in the cycling fraction; of Armenia, Laffi Eng. Daniele, the protagonist of an excellent running fraction and of an intense but unfruitful chase on two wheels; and of Abkhazia (in italian, Abcasia), Alessandro Pirani, whose great physical abilities have allowed him to perform well in spite of a suboptimal cycling fractio.

The celebrations at the Laguna Verde continued until late, and included an Hecatomb in honor of the Guardian Gods.


The heroic participants in the first edition of Hoplokyklodromìa mmortalized in a graphic and very inspired pose, in the moments following the Fielding Ceremony. The organizing committee has chosen to use the shot as an essential element for the first tweet of the new official Twitter profile of the event.

The exciting phases of the start documented in a rare RVD.

Final Ranking

Hoplite Nation Inspirer hero Guardian God
Cesare Brizio Kiribati Macaone Sardus Pater Babai
Daniele Laffi Armenia Afareo Tuchulcha
Alessandro Pirani Abkhazia
Giulio Giovannetti Sao Tomé e Principe Polidamante Marduk
Matteo Pavani Tuva Sarpedonte
 6° Stefano Marchetti  Tuvalu Pentesilea  Pan
 7° Christian Scazzieri Nagorno Karabakh Licaone Herkle
 8° Maddalena Roversi Monaco Liechtenstein Dolone Lamashtu
 9° Massimo Azzolini Kabardino-Balkaria  –  –


The official ranking of the 2016 Edition can be downloaded here.