Corno alle Scale
(Lizzano in Belvedere) – Bologna
7 ottobre 2017


La locandina dell’edizione 2017.

The idea of Hoplokyklodromìa is, in itself, already extreme. Making a mockery of the so-called extreme sports of the contemporary era, it was decided to give rise to an edition that coupled, to the natural difficulties of the sporting discipline, also those of the terrain: extreme slopes and important elevations, in a cold cycling climb followed by a demanding trail running, all in the pristine spaces of the Corno alle Scale Regional Park.

Entirely developed on CAI (Italian Alpine Club) trails or on roads open to traffic, this edition did not require access, passage and parking agreements with private individuals, but entailed logistical difficulties, including the placement of transit and arrival judges, and the marking of the route with appropriate signposting.

After a first careful and tricky reconnaissance phase, a second analysis of the orographic and elevation characteristics of the terrain followed. This allowed the identification and subsequent definition of a challenging and demanding path (.pdf format, 10 mb), in line with the high athletic profile of the participating Hoplites.

The official path of the Hoplokyklodromia 2017.

Although, as usual, the protégé by Sid Addir Sardus Pater Babay, Cesare Brizio, triumphed in a cycling fraction in which – as reported by the news – he was the only athlete not to put his foot on the ground, the commendable triathlete Dimitri Tartari, competing under the auspices of the supreme Pazuzu, was able to catch up with him and overcome him just over 500 meters from the finish line. The worthy Alessandro Pirani reconfirmed a good third place.

The Hotel dell’Acero Restaurant hosted the final banquet, during which the participants have – as usual – given free rein to any excess.



Hoplite Nation Inspirer Hero Guardian God
Dimitri Tartari Lesotho Protesilao Pazuzu
Cesare Brizio Kiribati Macaone Sardus Pater Babai
Alessandro Pirani Abkhazia  –  –
Stefano Marchetti Tuvalu Pentesilea Pan
Maddalena Roversi Monaco Liechtenstein Dolone  Lamashtu
 6° (no cycling fraction) Michele Finelli Vanuatu Memnone  Persefone
 7° (but 6th place) Giovanna Rassaval Circassia Glauco Bumba
n.c. Giulio Giovannetti Sao Tomé e Principe Polidamante Marduk


The official arrival register of the 2017 Edition can be downloaded here.

Photo gallery of the event

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