«Notturna dei Due Argini»
Poggio Renatico – Ferrara
6 Ottobre 2018


Starting from the 2018 edition – and for all future events – the organizing committee formally requests all the Hoplites who intend to participate in the competition, to download, complete and return according to the methods illustrated, a disclaimer with the value of:

  • full acceptance of the official regulation;
  • waiver by the subscriber of any claim in respect of the Organization both in the case of personal injury of any kind, and in the case of damage or loss of material assets (for example, the bicycle) that may occur during the event, including the  preparatory phase and subsequent ones, individual or convivial.

At the following links you can download the disclaimers, to be sent signed in pdf format to briziocesare (at) gmail (dot) com, compiled as shown inside, and both mandatory for both old and new participants:

The villains who have lost their credentials and who did not find them in the rankings of previous editions, will have to choose a new trio Guarding God / Inspirer Hero / Nation of citizenship, and report it in the special section of the disclaimer.

Two distinctive features of this edition, which will start with a Sacred March from the Old Church of Poggio Renatico (FE), at the Municipal Camposanto, October 6, 2018 at 19.30:

  • it will be the first nocturnal edition of the Hoplokyklodromìa;
  • it will be reserved for single speed bicycles of any specification, including bicycles equipped with a locked shift (His Excellency the Bailiff reserves the right to check compliance with the standards before departure).

Participants who eventually survived the agon will participate, also in Poggio Renatico, in a “midnight Flammenkuche“.

The route consists of an Hoplodromìa of about 10.800 meters and an Hoplokyklìa of about 10.600 metri and develops mainly on the top of the two levees of the Reno river along the stretch of Cavo Benedettino that runs between the Scolmatore delle Piene edifice of Sant’Agostino and the bridge on the SP4 Galliera route. The start and finish coincide: the first and last 2 km of track will be traveled in both directions.

Terminologia delle Opere Arginali

Terminology of Levee Works

First, the summit of the right levee will be traveled in Hoplodromìa configuration. Given the presence of a short stretch of summit invaded by vegetation around the completion of the ninth kilometer, in the Bisana area, the path will descend on the lower bank and then climb up again following the beaten track.

Discesa in banca e risalita

Bank descent and ascent

The transition zone will be located at the entrance to the Bosco della Panfilia along the Cavo Napoleonico channel.

The race will then continue with the Hoplokyklìa, which will start by crossing the forest, and then reach the left levee and return to the start. The first 1,250 meters of Hoplokyklìa (called “Trail of Tears“) are run inside the Panfilia Wood, and have been the subject of extraordinary maintenance in June 2018, with the removal of fallen trees that would have compromised the transit of the cyclists.

Every detail of the route can be deduced from the examination of their GPX tracks.

The meeting is scheduled at 5.45 pm at the transition area, whose position is detailed in the Special Disclaimer 2018 (see link above): once the emplacements have been set up, you can drive to the starting area at the Poggio Renatico Cemetery from which, after the briefing, the Sacred March will start, renewing the funerary context that has already propitiated the success of the first edition.

The photo map below represents the route. The alternative stretch on the edge of the woods, highlighted below in light blue, will be used only if the forest paths are impracticable, whose actual viability will be verified in the days immediately preceding the event, and will be the subject of the usual pre-race briefing.

The 2018 Special Disclaimer available above provides further details on the event.

Percorso Hoplokyklodromìa 2018

Hoplokyklodromìa 2018 route – click for full size picture

Detail of the underpass of the bridge in the stretch of Cavo Benedettino – click for the full size version



1 1 Sua Eccellenza Il Balivo Cesare Brizio 4 Kiribati Macaone Sid Addir Sardus Pater Babay 2
2 3 Dottor Esimio Michele Finelli Babalooma Aiace Telammollo Zanardi 1
3 2 Christian Scazzieri, Gran Bailo a Costantinopoli Retired Nagorno Karabakh Licaone Herkle 1
4 10 Alessandro Pirani 2 Transnistria Tersite Atunis 1
5 11 Dimitri Tartari 1 Lesotho Protesilao Pazuzu 1
6 1 Daniele Laffi Armenia Afareo Tuchulcha 1
7 5 Ciabba 3 Sao Tomé e Principe Polidamante Marduk 1
8 14 Cdr. Nicola Zambello San Marino Guy Fawkes Lilith 1
9 15 Emma Tartari Northumbria Ragnar Lothbrok Aegir 1
10 12 Giacomo Monari Maryland Agenore Maasaw 1
11 7 Maddalena Roversi Monaco 6 (1st woman) Liechtenstein Dolone Lamashtu 1
12 13 Giovanna Rassaval Adygea-Circassia Glauco Bumba 2
13 8 Stefano Marchetti Tuvalu Pentesilea Pan 1
14 4 Matteo Pavani 5 Tuva Sarpedonte ??? ??

Official Order of Arrival of the 2018 Edition