«Dalle Miniere al Mare»
Fluminimaggiore – Cala Domestica
5 OCTOBER 2019


Starting from the 2018 edition – and for all future events – the organizing committee formally requests all the Hoplites who intend to participate in the competition, to download, complete and return according to the methods illustrated, a disclaimer with the value of:

  • full acceptance of the official regulation;
  • waiver by the subscriber of any claim in respect of the Organization both in the case of personal injury of any kind, and in the case of damage or loss of material assets (for example, the bicycle) that may occur during the event, including the  preparatory phase and subsequent ones, individual or convivial.

The Disclaimers will be made available in good time before the event.

The sublime and definitive nature of the first Sardinian edition of the Hoplokyklodromìa can not escape those with a minimum of intelligence and courage. Of course, the investment required for participation is significant. But the mere fact of being able to live this experience in the most beautiful places on the most beautiful island of the Mediterranean is worth the time and money needed.

Given the need to arrive at Fluminimaggiore at least the day before the event, and the material impossibility to start the same day, we suggest the Hoplites to organize themselves for a stay of at least a week.

The edition, whose GPX tracks are available below, will start from Piazza Gramsci 1 in Fluminimaggiore, October 5, 2019 at about 3.00 pm and will be reserved to Mountain Bikes, with exceptions to the participants’ total risk. The organization has already ongoing contacts to agree upon preferential rates for:

In the days immediately preceding the event, it will be possible to cover the entire course, which is characterized by spectacularity, and which includes a 12.6 km Hoplodromìa and a 16,6 km Hoplokyklìa, initially developing on asphalt (Hoplodromìa) and then off-road on white or roughly graveled paths (Hoplokyklìa), such as to strictly require bicycles of maximum strength and an absolute autonomy by the Hoplite in the management of the not improbable tire punctures. The inspection of April 2018 revealed a worsening of the potholes on the path of the Hoplokyklìa, potholes that in case of rain become puddles sometimes uncircumventable and of inscrutable depth. It was however possible to carefully wade across all the puddles without risk for safety. Exceptionally bad wheather in May 2018 caused floods in the Gorges of Riu Cardaxius, that physically removed a substantial part (several kilometers) of the Hoplokyklìa path – even in the case that the path won’t be restored to its original condition, the whole route of the 2019 edition shall not be changed.

In the Hoplokyklìa, there are no routes for the extraction of the participants in difficulty, whose safest and shortest route in the event of abandonment will in any case be constituted by the race path itself. Race route apart, the start and finish are connected by 22.16 km of asphalt road. More than in any other edition, it is indispensable that each Hoplite be accompanied by a car-equipped partner.

The SS126 route will initially be traveled towards Iglesias, up to the Genna Bogai Pass (549 mslm) in
Hoplodromìa configuration.

The transition zone will be located at the Genna Bogai pass, and then the competition will continue with the Hoplokyklìa, on a rough road that will keep the acquired altitude for the first kilometers, then descend precipitously to Grugua, the historical fief of the Modigliani family, then the Gorges of Gutturu Cardaxius to come out on asphalt (the exit on paved road will require caution), and finally lead to a short stretch of paved road to Cala Domestica, a beach renowned for some television commercials.

The meeting is scheduled at 13:30 at the transition area, whose position is detailed in the Special Disclaimer 2019 (see link above): once the emplacements are set up, participants will drive to the starting area in Piazza Gramsci from which, after the briefing, the Hoplodromìa will start.

As the Hoplites will complete the Hoplodromìa and get on their bikes, their respective partners, after picking up the belongings of their reference Hoplite, will get into the car and will take to Cala Domestica to await the arrival, after which each Hoplite will load the bicycle on their car before going back to their accommodation.

In the evening, celebrations and a common dinner will take place, which can also be held separately in the hotels accommodating the participants.

The 2019 Special Disclaimer, which will be made available at the end of 2018, will provide further details on the event.

Hoplodromìa 2019

Hoplodromìa 2019 Route

Hoplodromìa 2019 Route (GPX)

Hoplokyklìa 2019

Hoplokyklìa 2019 Route

Hoplokyklìa 2019 Route(GPX)

Raccordo 2019

2019 Connection Route

2019 Connection Route (GPX)



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