«Colli del Lavino»
Zola Predosa – Bologna
3 Ottobre 2020


Starting from the 2018 edition – and for all future events – the organizing committee formally requests all the Hoplites who intend to participate in the competition, to download, complete and return according to the methods illustrated, a disclaimer with the value of:

  • full acceptance of the official regulation;
  • waiver by the subscriber of any claim in respect of the Organization both in the case of personal injury of any kind, and in the case of damage or loss of material assets (for example, the bicycle) that may occur during the event, including the  preparatory phase and subsequent ones, individual or convivial.

The disclaimers (currently available in Italian language only) shall be compiled and returned to the Organization as pdf files, before 20 September 2020.

Liberatoria Generale 2020

Liberatoria Speciale 2020

The first landscape that you meet exiting Bologna along the S.P. 569 Bazzanese is the combination of splendid views of the plain, soft hills of undisputed wine and gastronomic excellence, and paths for every degree of fitness. The extraordinary mix of accessibility, landscape relevance, nature and sporting value has earned these places the award of the 2020 edition of the Hoplokyklodromìa.

The edition, whose GPX tracks are available below, will start at 3 pm on 3 October 2020, from the transition area located in correspondence with the Lavino river park, and in particular on the bend where Via Alba Maldini, Via Colleverde and Via Respighi converge, in other words at the South entrance of the Public Park of Via Respighi, and will be reserved for Mountain Bike, with exceptions at the total risk of the participants.

For the first time in the history of the event, the route consists of two laps which, with variations, will insist on the same track. It – net of about 300 meters of itinerary – includes the whole of the 6.2 km historic “Life Course” and about 150 meters of ascending height difference, significantly expanding its difficulty and interest.

Having assessed the need to travel for a good stretch the popular path along Lavino,  and to engage, in each lap, two bridges, one of which immediately after departure, the Organization has established that the Hoplodromìa takes place first, to avoid the crowding of bicycles and possible accidents. Considering that the Hoplites will show up one by one at the end of the first lap, the interference of the bicycles with the narrow passages and pedestrian traffic will certainly be less relevant than in the case of a group cycling start. The Hoplites, as always, remain only responsible for the civil and criminal consequences of the collision or impalement of civilians who, unaware of us, will crowd like every Saturday on the first four km of each fraction. It must be said that Zolese citizenship is already habitually in contact with runners and cyclists who are daring and scornful of life (of others). Moreover, collateral damage must be taken into account in every military campaign, as also underlined in this essay by His Excellency the Bailiff.

The meeting is set at 14.00 in the transition area, whose position is detailed above and will be reported in the Special Disclaimer 2020 (see link above): once the pitches are set up, unless oaths of any new hoplites, the briefing will take place immediately, followed by the departure of the Hoplodromìa.

Il tracciato su base topografica OpenStreetMap

Il tracciato dell’Hoplokyklodromìa 2020 su base topografica OpenStreetMap

As the hoplites complete the Hoplodromìa, 9.6 km with 318 meters of ascent, the Hoplokiklìa will begin, 16.3 km with 540 meters of ascent, divided on three main climbs. It follows, net of the transition, a total length of about 25.9 km with an overall ascent of about 860 meters.

Hoplokyklìa 2020

Percorso dell’Hoplokyklìa 2020

GPX Hoplokiklia 2020

Percorso dell'Hoplodromìa 2020

Percorso dell’Hoplodromìa 2020

Hoplodromia 2020

Percorso dell'Hoplokyklodromìa 2020

Percorso dell’Hoplokyklodromìa 2020